Many older adults are surprised at how much they have to spend on healthcare during retirement.

You can shop around for a better Medicare plan during open enrollment this fall, which runs from October 15 through December 7 each year. Finding the right Medicare Advantage or Part D plan could lower your costs significantly.

When it comes to Medicare Advantage, you have the option of switching plans before March 31 if you're currently enrolled in one that's costing you more than expected. Or you can revert to Medicare Original if you think it will be less expensive for you.

Make sure you are taking advantage of the free services you are entitled to under Medicare, as well as annual wellness visits and certain screening tests. Taking care of medical issues now could potentially save you money later on.

If you are struggling because of your decision to leave the workforce, now is the time to begin making decisions that will enable you to enjoy the rest of your senior years without regret.

Most Americans, like most people, are a few years (or more) behind in saving for retirement. But you could be able to use these advantages that could help you boost your retirement income.