What would you do if given the essentials for getting any scholarship you'd like? Do you see yourself sharing it with those near and dear to you --- or keeping them hidden from the public? Mark Kantrowitz is a well known person with a vast amount of knowledge on scholarships and financial aid programs, he's got all the tricks of the trade and is more than happy to share them with anyone who's interested.

Fastweb proudly presents you with Mark's twelve helpful tips on getting a scholarship:

Step 1. Begin to research various scholarships for local colleges in your area. However, make sure to do so before graduating high school or you might have to wait until the next semester. Regardless if you're in grade school, 9th, 10th or 11th grade, there are all sorts of cool scholarships waiting for you. Once actively enrolled in the college of your own personal choosing, keep diligently researching other scholarships which are open to you.

Step 2. In order to double up on the amount of scholarships you're offered, answering all of the additional questions on the online scholarship form will better your chances.

Step 3. Allow websites like Fastweb.com to provide you with free scholarship match ups. You'll find Fastweb.com to be a very reliable database to use. They update the site on a daily basis, emailing you with notifications whenever they've located a good match according to your own personal profile.

Step 4. Some good places to find available scholarships are postings in the local library's, financial aid and guidance counselor's offices.

Step 5. Put an application in for any scholarship of interest to you that meets your qualifications. Avoid the scholarships that everyone's after and pursue those with special essay contest entries, who knows, maybe you'll attain the ULTIMATE scholarship winnings.

Step 6. Don't forget to meet all deadlines and write down any essential information you need to remember.

Step 7. Make sure you fully understand the instructions prior to filling out application.

Step 8. If you're not very articulate when it comes to essay writing, perhaps making a recording of yourself answering specific questions pertaining to it out loud and then reviewing your words and applying them to the outline once you feel comfortable.

Step 9. Take your time when writing the essay, choosing a topic that you enjoy and which peaks your interest. Make sure to provide relevant examples and create a work of art that'll grab the readers attention.

Step 10. Check and see if you've a professional profile on Google when your full name is entered. You also want to have a clean Facebook account that's free of any controversial content or postings. Last of all, create an email address which sounds highly professional, such as your first and last name followed by the email carriers web domain like ([email protected]).

Step 11. Going over the finalized copy of your written or typed essay, check for grammatical errors along with any misspelled words as well.

Step 12. Prior to mailing in your completed application, make several photocopies to keep in your possession. Taking it to the local post office and sending the application by either certified mail, delivered with confirmation, or with a requested return receipt.