Important Facts About Funnel Marketing That You Should Know

Funnel marketing refers to a system which helps in tracking steps through which buyers go through up to the time they make a buying decision. In addition, it enables you to know what your firm should do in order to influence buyers or consumers at every stage. This includes sending them press reviews with positive messages and making a follow up with telephone calls.

The Funnel Stages

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Preference
  • Action
  • Loyalty
  • Advocacy

Consumers become aware about the product, they contemplate buying, develop preference over product or service and eventually buy. After purchase, they become loyal to the company or brand and then advocate it to other people e.g friends or family.

Marketing Activities

In every stage of funnel marketing, there should be a person in charge of marketing to carry out activities that will help consumers go through the entire process. Marketing personnel should involve themselves in promotional activities so as to create product awareness. They should also explain the benefits of the product over that of competitors ,highlight its benefits to the buyer or come up with promotion which can bring about sale. After selling a product, marketing should now focus on engaging buyers with the aim of getting feedback and retain loyal customers. This may lead to repeat business.

Technology And Marketing

Even though marketing funnel provides a nice basic model, marketers should know how technology has changed the journey of the buyer. Consumers do research on the internet, compare features as well as benefits of competitive products instead of relying on traditional marketing activities of the company to take them through all the stages of the funnel.

This implies that the consumers enter the funnel at a stage where they are ready. Companies should therefore get more information online such as content of the product, customer reviews and updated website.

Marketing vs Sales

Some companies tend to differentiate between sales and marketing funnel. On the contrary, according to Charles Besondy of Besondy Consulting And Interim Management marketing firm based in Texas, if sales and marketing work together in a seamless manner, the difference is not relevant at all. Marketing creates traffic at top and middle stages of the funnel. This goes down to the sales team.

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