Email Marketing is easy, affordable and effective means of obtaining new business.

Everybody knows how to send emails. Everyone sends email on a daily basis among colleagues, clients and relatives. But what is email marketing and how it is different from the general emailing? Email marketing is about creating professional-looking, content filled emails with the right message that can lets you engage with your customers and reach your prospects.

Today, email marketing – the process by which a company emails a commercial message to a group of existing or potential customers; is widely considered to be a keystone of modern business communications and marketing.

Why should your business include email as part of its marketing strategy?

Email Marketing is Cheap!

Email marketing is cost effective. Email Marketing won’t cost you as much as direct marketing would. Moreover, when you opt for email marketing, your target audience is narrowed. You know whom to send across your message and whom to set aside. You know who would be interested in knowing about your business and would thus brand loyalty by giving them specific information. If you want your business to grow and keep your marketing expenses low, email marketing is the way to go.

Email Marketing has very clear Metrics, KPI’s and Analytics

With Email Marketing you can track your customers activity and interests; who opens your email, who goes through the links specified in the email as well as how many conversations actually turn into sales. Email Marketing lets you know who marks your email as spam, how many unsubscribe and how many forward within their circles and hence expanding your reach.

Schedule, Save Time and Automate

With email marketing you can schedule your email campaigns days, weeks and months in advance; hence making email marketing not only cost effective but also less time consuming.

Rapid Response

The email marketing process is immediate. With traditional direct marketing it can be very time consuming to know if your campaign was a business expense leading to an ROI or waste of money. With email marketing you no longer have to wait for days, weeks or even months to know if your campaign was successful or not.

What about Facebook? SnapChat? Instagram? Twitter? and Every Other Social Media Platform?

Even with the rise in social media, email is still the best means for engaging customers and generating revenue. With Email Marketing, you can reach the right customers with the right message – and earn the right revenue your business deserves!

-Bobby Juarbe

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