Bobby Juarbe’s Top 5 Team Communication Tools to Boost Your Business in 2017

Team communication is a critical element of every business, so it is definitely a good idea to make it simpler and smoother.

My best team communication apps are:

Slack it is the best tool for team communication. You can identify a team, and then create common communication channels, and have one-on-one’s. The greatest part is the ability to integrate into most other popular business tools. It ensures that communication in your team and using your tools will be easy and effective.

Trello it is divided into various cards for every phase of a project and any related task. Trello is an organized and reliable method for tracking your team and its successes and failures for every task.

Asana as it boasts on its website, Asana allows you to guide projects from beginning to end with conversations and notifications.

Basecamp the main purpose is to get everything organized in one location, which reduces the chances of critical files becoming lost in the rush for deadlines. It is similar to Asana, and they both have amazing features that help them stand out. offers video conferencing, screen-sharing and online meetings, reformatting and presenting them in the highest comfort. There is a plugin that requires downloading, but once that is done you should be set. It is simple to use, even for people that are unaccustomed to cloud apps and software.

-Bobby Juarbe

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