Bobby Juarbe’s Top 5 Social Media Tools to Boost Your Business in 2017

With the increasingly far-reaching impact of social media, it is now a given for any business to have a social media presence. Check out these amazing services:

Buffer makes for super simple sharing of any page that you are reading, and scheduling posts going out from all your maing social media channels.

BuzzStream amazing tool for blogger and influencer outreach. The tool allows you to track email opens, save your templates and keep an organized list for productive outreach campaigns.

Grammarly check your texts for grammar errors, punctuation and typos so that you have flawless content before you post it on your social media accounts.

Quuu allows you to handpick any social media posts that might interest you or your followers. It is a great tool for keeping high quality content within a social media feed.

CoSchedule organize, plan and execute all your content marketing projects in one location. If you are involved in inbound marketing, which you should be, then employing a robust content calendar and plan in one place will be the key to success.

-Bobby Juarbe

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